Taking a Break from Social Media

On October 6th, 2018, President Nelson ask the Women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to take a break from social media by doing a 10 day social media fast. This meant taking 10 days from checking Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and any of those other social media sites that we use all the time.

This wasn’t as big of a deal for me as it probably was for others. But, it did make a HUGE change in my life.

I noticed that I had more time to spend reading Gods word. I had more time to be productive and get my college classes completed and had time to grade papers. I found myself getting more sleep and spending more time with my family.

I think I mainly noticed the difference in how I felt. It is easy for me to spend time on social media and compare myself to those around me. I think about how I wish I looked like them, was successful like them, had the relationships and experiences that these people had.

Doing this social media fast helped me to stop comparing myself to others. I started to feel more peace and feel more productive because I didn’t have any sort of social media influencing me to forget my divine identity.

Since doing the social media fast, I have deleted the social media apps off of my phone, except for Pinterest (cause I use that SOO much as a teacher). I now only check them on Sundays to check in on family, friends, and I try and find ways to rejoice with them instead of be envious of them.

I love the tools of social media. I love that they can bring us together when we are living far away from each other. But, I love the feeling, the productivity, and the experiences I have when I am not using social media. When I decide to live in the moment instead of document the moment.

I am grateful for the Prophet President Nelson. His inspired challenge for me to take a social media fast has changed my life for the better.

I challenge you, if you haven’t already, to give a 10 day social media fast a try.

I promise it will be very rewarding and you will find yourself feeling more connected with God.

Taking a Break Blog post

Dating in a Tech Savvy World

Recently I had a dear friend express to me about her recent dating experiences. She told me ” I really tried to put myself out there. I went on so many dates. But I have found the guys are so judgmental and just have this checklist in their mind and like nobody is good enough. I know girls are probably the same way but I just see it from my point of view you know. But anyways I just got on so many first dates none of the dates turn into second dates and it’s just getting really old!!”

It is so sad. I know she isn’t the only one either. A lot of the Young Adults right now ranging from 18-30 are struggling to find people that are truly interested in dating. I hear many people talking about it every week about how frustrating it is to just find somebody who cares enough to know them.

It’s difficult because of the unrealistic expectations that we put on others because of the perfectionism that we see online in our social media. Everyone is always thinking that they can have someone better and are spending more time “ghosting” than communicating. They are picky because they think that perfect male or female is somewhere out there.

Well, only Jesus Christ is perfect, and if you are trying to find his perfection you will be looking for a long time. We are humans and that is okay! It is part of Gods plan to have us be imperfect beings who can learn and experience life. He wants us to communicate and develop relationships and knowledge. We can take those things with us to the next life, but we won’t be able to take our worldly possessions.

I feel really bad for my generation. I feel bad for my kids generation. How are people going to find the one that will help them on their journey to God? How are they supposed to find the one to raise their kids with? How are they supposed to find a spouse that knows how to work hard, if they won’t even put effort into knowing you?

I hope that people realize that there are great people everywhere. You could meet someone you come to love in a place you least expect it. I hope that if someone is putting themselves out there for you, that you at least put an effort into getting to know them.

That’s what Christ would have done.

I know that as we rely on God, that he will guide us to those people who will mean the most to us. God loves all his children.

Dating in a Tech Savvy World