When Inspiration Doesn’t Come

Mathew 7:7 reads “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be given unto you.” The Lord has promised us that if we ask him, seek, and act that we will be given the inspiration and guidance that we need. 

So what happens when that inspiration doesn’t come? What happens when you have been asking, seeking and knocking and you have no idea what to do next? Or even worse, what happens if you gain inspiration and act on it, but nothing seems to be happening? 

Recently I have been stuck. Stuck because no inspiration has been coming my way for my life, this blog, or my work.  Granted, I have lost consistency with the small and simple things, but I have always felt like I had a good relationship with God and he has always provided me with the answers and inspiration that I needed at the time. But lately, it hasn’t seemed that way. 

The thing that I have seemed to have forgotten is the aspect of Faith. Faith that God truly is everything. That He has created all, and knows all. That He has a plan for me. That He loves me. 

It is easy to forget and lose faith when the inspiration is not coming. When it seems like we are knocking and knocking, and asking and asking and we are receiving no answers. It is easy to listen to the natural man and think that God will never answer us. 

But, that is not how God is. He is ALWAYS there for us even if we think that we don’t deserve his presence. 

A couple weeks ago I had a random prompting to check a school districts employment opportunities. To my surprise, in a town that I hope to live in one day, a position opened for a middle school math teacher. I had conflicting emotions. Maybe I should apply. Maybe I should just forget about it. But for some reason I could not shake the idea of this position. I decided to bring it to the Lord knowing that he has all of the answers. To my surprise, I got my answer not even 5 minutes after I was done praying. I randomly opened my scriptures, like I often do when I need answers and I read in Doctrine and Covenants 8:4 that says “Therefore this is thy gift; apply unto it”. This was pretty straightforward and I knew what I needed to do. So I applied. And nothing has happened since. 

It has been so hard since I have applied to have faith that God knows what he is doing. I have been really confused because I haven’t gotten any response or feedback about my application. Sometimes it is hard for me to trust Him when I feel out of control. But I guess that is when I need to have faith in him the most. Faith that no matter what, things will go according to His Almighty plan. 

When you are not receiving the inspiration that you desire, just remember the lesson that I have learned the hard way. Keep the faith and trust that He has a plan for you. Remember that you are enough, because Christ is enough. Knowing this will help you trust in the Lord. It will help you to keep knocking and keep asking even if you aren’t sure if He will respond or answer. I promise that he will in his own time. He loves us more than we can comprehend.  

When inspiration doesn’t come, don’t forget to have faith that it eventually will. God doesn’t forget his children. He especially doesn’t forget you when you are doing the right things. He will bless you with more than you can imagine because he loves you. You are his child. He loves you. I can’t emphasize that enough. He loves YOU. All of you. Because of that Love he has provided us a way through our brother Jesus Christ to return and live with Him again. Faith in Jesus Christ makes everything worth it because Christ has made the ultimate sacrifice. 

I hope you will look forward to this week with optimism and faith. Faith that He has a bigger plan for us than we have for ourselves. Faith that He will provide us with the inspiration that we desperately seek. 

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